Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Day 5

Its been a two weeks worth of school holidays, with two assignments to complete and project work was suppose to be on the home stretch, tying up the loose ends, hoping to finish our projects today. Hooking up to the busbar and happily providing power to the classroom and fingers crossed- the grid. This wasn't going to be the case, we encounter more hiccups and set backs. Our hydro project went from a pleasing 30ish volts down to the mid teens, we check the varible speed drive, phase rotation, hose placement and anything else we could think off, is it the fact that each day we set up, we have to break it down and move it at the end of the day? No- if we can get results once, we must be able to get them again. Along with the hydro work we managed to get some work done on the second wind turbine connecting it to the three phase full wave bridge rectifier we salvaged out of the first wind turbine unit, the unit we reconditioned at the start of this project, as well as running cable to prep for joining the second wind unit to the bus. Circuit continuity tests were good, so were the preliminary voltage tests although inconsistent as the wind blows in gusts, not a nice steady flow, for each step forward we seem to find another hurdle. We are feeling the pressure as the big reveal is approaching fast and we still have a few bugs to iron out. Moving into our final days our approach is going to be positive with a sense of urgency, just keep working at a good steady pace, thinking and problem solving as we go.

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