Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day 4


-Set up the variable speed drive to increase frequency which will increase the speed of the motor to  increase our out put.

-Set up oscillicope to get a reading of our sinewave for our wind turbine.

  Today we've got the variable speed drive set up to improve the water pressure by increasing the frequency. We found 65 hertz worked best without overloading it. We started off getting 14v using the the large hose(20mm) as the down pipe onto the Pelton wheel and at a later stage we decided to replace the big hose with a smaller hose(15mm) allowing us to change the angle point on the Pelton wheel in doing so we managed to find the sweet spot for water to land on the wheel giving us an out put reaching 34v .
  Today it was not very windy so the wind turbine failed to give us an output of 12v. We need a constant 12v for the inverter to change it from dc-ac so we can check its sine wave on the oscilloscope, we hope to do this on a windy day before connecting to the buss.

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