Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day 1 on the job.


 The morning was used for the overall planning of the project, getting our heads around the different tasks involved, the sequencing of the tasks, our responsibilities involved around the co-ordination of the other teams accessing the busbar, which is an integral part of the class project, with all teams "plugging in". How to address these issues in the most efficient way, was a lengthy discussion between our four team members. 
  The first step after lunch was to assess the wind turbine- which meant assembly and testing. This was enough work to keep us busy  for an afternoon. Our preliminary tests were visual- checking the general condition of the turbine, looking for any obvious faults, it passed. Electrical tests were a little less conclusive, we knew circuit continuity was a problem, from our tests using the Ohm meter.We discussed the idea of disassembling the unit, checking the internal connections- insuring the terminations were ok and everything was fine.  We then tried to spin the blade to get a voltage reading, but then questioned  "how fast does it need to spin to get a reading of voltage produced. Could we do it by hand? Or did it need to be mounted up the pole working under more ideal conditions." We decide to erect the turbine to the top of the pole, under superb conditions to record sketchy voltage readings, fading in and out. Conclusive evidence that our initial prognosis was correct- poor circuit continuity. Slightly disheartened, we removed the turbine from the pole and finished the day knowing we have to backtrack, pulling apart the unit to check internal connections.

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