Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day Two

A team meeting starts the day with safety and the daily goals being discussed.

Goals for the day - figure out how to open the wind turbine unit
                            - test wind turbines internal working and find faults
                            - have the turbine mounted and running
                            - start assembling hydro project

  We decide to split into two groups of two, with Mitch and Jordon focusing on the hydro project, Kane and Sam working on the wind. This division of work was a key aspect to a successful, productive day resulting in goals getting meet. We still came together at several crucial points of the day, to problem solve as a team to overcome some of the larger issues we encountered.
  Once the wind turbine unit had been cracked open we tested the windings, getting even readings across the three.We opened it up further to see previous modifications- three full wave rectifiers turning the 3 phase AC input into a DC single phase output. Faults were easy to see, the 2.5mm wire connecting the rectifiers had conductors snapped and dodgy terminations, we had a couple of options- use the same rectifiers replacing the wire and improving the connections, adding support to our new terminations by using strengthening putty. Replacing the three rectifiers with one three phase rectifier- at this stage our preferred option- we wanted to upgrade the unit, to improve it and make a worthwhile contribution.  We got our hands on 3 phase full wave rectifyier which answered our dreams. Assembly was straight forward and with our previous experience, it was up the pole- piece of cake.
  Our full attention was then on the hydro project, it was ready for it's test run with time up our sleeve. Our first run produced no water from the hose- our 3phase pump wasnt working- we swapped two phases over- we had water, but not enough pressure to move the pelton wheel.      


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