Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day 3

Goals:  Get hydro working at its optimum level.
            Connect wind turbine to busbar
            Solve the issue of stepping 12vDC to 24vDC for the wind output

  To achieve our goals today we need to finish the wind turbine. We decide to use a variac to increase the output. We also need to check the smoothness of the DC output wave by using an oscilloscope, to make sure it will be able to charge the batteries that are our busbar.

wind----> 3phase output ?vAC----> rectify to single phase 12vAC----> step up to 24vAC---> inverter DC output----> busbar

  Today was also the day we managed to spin the pelton wheel for the first time, by using a larger hose and altering the position of the hose input we managed to get 5volts AC. We need an output of 12volts. This was discussed at length and trialed a couple of ideas. A 3phase full wave rectifier was built using diode packs which also increased our output to around 11vDC, which is a step in the right direction. Bring on tomorrow. 


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